At Times, We All Need Some Extra Support!

50 Ways to Take a Break, and the Essential First Steps of Remembering

By Karen Horneffer-Ginter, Ph.D.  The stress and strains of our always-connected lives can sometimes take us off course. GPS For The Soul can help you find your way back to balance. GPS Guides are our way of showing you what works for others in the hopes that you can...

Need A Break? 8 Warning Signs That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

http://By Kiddy First - June 28, 2018    Sometimes life starts to spin out of control and it’s tough for us to keep up. Things that once seemed insignificant are suddenly annoying and we find ourselves snapping at others even when they’ve done nothing wrong. This may...

Why Narcissists Need You to Doubt Yourself

Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. From childhood teasing to adult put-downs, it’s no fun to be on the receiving end of an insulting comment. Try as you might to ignore the insult, part of it may stick, and you worry that there truly is something truly "wrong" with...

How can narcissists do what they do and say what they say?

How can narcissists do what they do and say what they say? Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D. There are three basic types of narcissistic personality traits and each of these traits has a different effect on the individual. Ackerman et al. (2011) developed a scale to measure...

The One Word a Narcissist Doesn’t Want to Hear

Never say “no” to a narcissist unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. Narcissism is marked by a distinct belief in one’s own exceptionalism. People high in this quality are convinced that they are better than everyone else and...

Kate Spade’s Death Sheds Light on One Major Misconception About Suicide

Research has debunked this common myth, but it won't go away. By Jenae Sitzes Jun 5, 2018 1.6k GETTY IMAGESANDREW TOTH Kate Spade, the 55-year-old fashion designer and business mogul, died by apparent suicide today Her death brings to light one major myth about...

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