The Maplewood Wellness Center was created to be a comforatble place to open up and explore what is troubling you.  This includes identifying what you’re struggling with and discovering where your natural strengths lie. 

Successful therapy includes identifying what you would like to change AND what you are doing well.

Everyone goes through pain and all of us deserve a safe place to find what we need to create (or re-create) a life that feels meaningful.

 When life becomes painful and challenging, it’s normal to feel imbalanced and hopeless that you will ever feel whole again.  

We believe you can feel whole again. 

Our goal is to help you develop lasting tools and new ways of thinking to become better to yourself, in your daily life and in your relationships.  We believe that with the right help, you can regain balance and thrive again. 

No matter where you come from or what you’re struggling with, at the Maplewood Wellness Center you are welcome as you are. 

The Maplewood Wellness Center of MN Office 

At Times, We All Need Some Extra Support!

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