The Maplewood Wellness Center was created to be a comfortable place to open up and explore what is troubling you.

The clinic is centered around core beliefs:

  • Successful therapy includes identifying what you would like to change and what your successful at
  • We all struggle with unforeseen difficulties and painful challenges in our lives
  • We all deserve a safe place to find what we need to create (or re-create) a life that feels meaningful, and have a place we can trust to reveal our true selves.  Warts and all…..

When life becomes painful and challenging, it’s normal to feel imbalanced or hopeless that you will ever feel whole again.

We believe you can feel whole again.

Our goal is to provide a safe place to open up, help you develop tools and new ways of thinking to reach your goals and return to being better to yourself, better in your daily life and in your relationships

We believe that with the right help you can regain balance and thrive again

No matter where you come from or what you’re struggling with, at the Maplewood Wellness Center of Minnesota

you are welcome just as you are


At Times, We All Need Some Extra Support!

If You Would Like To Schedule With One Of Our Therapists, We Would Be Glad To Schedule An Appointment For You!






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